David Sangojinmi


A Bit About Me

Currently, I am a full-time student based in London. Since an early age, I have been a creative and found it fascinating how we are able to create complexity from basic components. Ranging from origami, to woodworks, and websites, I enjoy the process of going from concept to realisation and this developed into a passion for technology. Technology allows us to explore some of the worlds most important problems, and provide effective solutions. I am currently exploring fullstack development and data science. Both are very interesting fields and can be used in innovative ways.

Web Development

Building responsive websites with frontend and backend technologies.

Machine Learning

Exploring the various subfields of machine learning and how they are employed effectively.

Data Science

Using different tools to explore data and provide valuable insights.

Game Development

Building simple games using languages like Python, Javascript and Lua.


My Portfolio

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  • Project Recommend
    Built a project from ideation to a working web platform in 14 days using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • National Grid Data Science Challenge
    Used Python and various Data Science tools to accurately classify CSE failures in Scottish Power Energy Networks.
  • I Accelerator Microsoft Business Challenge
    Tasked with finding a technological solution to the challenges faced in the healthcare industry due to covid-19.
  • Stock'd
    An online tool where you can access company information, key technical indicators, and daily stock price data.
    A platformer game made entirely in vanilla javascript. Graphics partly designed by me also.
  • Pong Lua
    A pong game made using the Lua language and the LOVE2D game engine. Following from a CS50 game dev course.
  • Brickbreaker p5.js
    My version of the brick breaker game. Made using the p5.js library.
  • Pong p5.js
    Javascript implementation of the famous Pong game. Made using the p5.js library.
  • 2D and 3D Rain
    Rain visualisations in 2D and 3D made with the language Processing
  • MNIST Neural Network
    A neural network made with TensorFlow that trains on the MNIST digits dataset
  • How do I actually learn more about machine learning?
    If you're overwhelmed by the resources out there, this is for you
  • Connect 4
    Text implementation of the Connect 4 game in python
  • Lorenz Attractor
    Visualisation of the Lorenz attractor made with the language Processing
  • An intuitive introduction to machine learning
    Are machines actually capable of learning?

Get in Contact

Feedback is very important for improvement. I'm always open to advice, tips or ideas!

London, United-Kingdom

Feel free to send me a message with any suggestions!